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When Christmas Day is done Christmas Pudding is a classic fragrance to bring in the evening cheer. Reminiscent of sumptuous desserts and fruits such as orange and almond with cinnamon spicy clove and hone at its heart this warm delicious fragrance evokes the aromas and comfort of vanilla malt and coconut.


Top Notes: Orange Clove

Middle Notes: Cinnamon Almond

Base Notes: Vanilla Malt


This fragrance has a high percentage of a number of essential oils in its formulation. In some cases the same fragrance can vary batch to batch. This is due to the nature of the raw material especially the more natural derived essential oils. For example the time of harvest and location of where the raw material is sourced can create a colour variance in the end result when comparing batch to batch. The formula is not compromised and the scent remains the same. Please note that when making a candle the colour may change from one batch to another due to these essential oils. The colour can range from a light cream to more of a custard yellow.

Christmas Pudding - Snapbar Wax Melt

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